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Welcome to the dedicated website on Online Assessment. The content covered in this website is the result of the EADTU Special Interest Group (SIG) on Online Assessment (2020 - 2022).

The mission of the group is to share members’ local expertise in how to design and plan institutional online assessment strategies and the experiences from delivering under the conditions of the Covid19 pandemic and in a post pandemic world. This included establishing a ‘baseline’ of the challenges, practices and new developments during the pandemic, examples of research and innovation in online assessment, and the supportive (or non-supportive) national policies and frameworks that define the context of assessment for the institutions. It also included collating practical examples from SIG members that can help, if not inspire developing better practice and new thinking in other member institutions.

This website reflects the changing challenges and institutional responses for the remainder of the pandemic and, eventually, the post-pandemic world. 

Three main themes emerged from the discussions in the SIG and each of them will be addressed within this website.

Continuing impact

  • Online Assessment Panel | Times Higher Education Conference 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

  • Assessment Activities in a Distance Teaching University | Prof. Cathia Papi, Prof. Marie-Helene Herbert (TÉLUQ University)

    EADTU I-HE2023 Conference | Istanbul, Turkey


    EADTU I-HE2021 CONFeRENCE | Bari, Italy 

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